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Back in the 6th-century, a priest called Maeloc moved from the Welsh-speaking Britania to Galicia and established there a colony called Britonia. Maelog is the modern form of the same name and the name of a band which musically navigates … More /Mwy



A collision between mechanical time, seasonal time, life time, generational time, cultural time, poetic time, no time particles of eternal love…
 fernhill, from Wales, make new, beautifully lyrical and intense folk music which they have played to audiences all
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Ghazalaw-openingnight-womex2013-foto-eric-van-nieuwland-2-of-8-1024x683Ghazalaw celebrates the affinity between Indian Ghazal and the Welsh folk tradition. Mumbai singer Tauseef Akhtar and Welsh singer-songwriter Gwyneth Glyn weave the love poetry of their two ancient traditions together to the accompaniment of harp, tabla, guitar and harmonium.

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ElfenRGBNamed after the Welsh word for element, Elfen is the seamless blending of three great musicians.

Elfen began in 2011 when Stacey Blythe and Helina Rees decided to begin working together to create a personal and joyous expression of Welsh … More /Mwy

Olion Byw


Olion Byw 2

Mae Olion Byw yn perfformio cerddoriaeth a chaneuon traddodiadol Cymraeg ar y ffidil, gitâr, mandolin a llais. Mae eu cryfder yn gorwedd yn eu trefniadau cywrain a chyfoes a’u gallu i ddal hanfod y ‘genre’ a’i pherfformio mewn modd sy’n … More /Mwy


bandcolourTaran were one of the most inventive and imaginative bands to come out of Wales in a generation, with their innovative mix of traditional Welsh music welded to driving riffs and throbbing beats, swimming in a sea of dance loops, … More /Mwy