Jamie Smith’s Mabon


One of the most highly accomplished and critically acclaimed Interceltic/World/Roots bands in Britain today, Jamie Smith’s MABON have built their reputation on their energy and dynamism, outstanding original compositions and virtuoso performances.
“An ebullient outfit famed for brilliant live shows” Colin Irwin, MOJO
JSM explore the forms and styles of the Celtic traditions and work them anew; the music is self-styled, singular and toe-tappingly good – an irresistible blend of world music and Celtic roots, filled with energy, joy and passion. Combining traditional instruments and a modern rhythm section, the band perform outstanding original compositions – both instrumental and vocal –mostly written and composed by their talented accordionist Jamie Smith.
Now consistently celebrated as one of the outstanding UK based Celtic roots acts, the 5 piece band of virtuoso musicians have built their standing through performing a show that is “exhilarating, just exhilarating – a band that perform with such enjoyment, excitement, style and wit – no histrionics, just a show of originality, energy and integrity” (Jun-Lin Yeoh, Artistic Director, Rainforest World Music Festival, Borneo).
The driving rhythms of jigs and reels; a funk and groove fuelled mash-up; a graceful mazurka, an ecstatic muiñera; a haunting Welsh-language love-song– all are given the same refreshing, creative treatment as the band dances along the borders between Celtic heritage and contemporary sound.
“Jamie Smith’s Mabon are a class act.” Froots

“a fearsome reputation as a live band… stratospheric” Financial Times

“Epic….” Guardian

“The mighty force of JSM – it’s a truly compulsive ride” Independent

“If music could fuel engines, Mabon could solve the energy crisis” Songlines